Safe-for-Me Products: The List of What I Use

Last updated 3/31/2015

I have been hesitant to publish a list of what I use. The list is so very short right now, for one thing. I had a major setback  a couple years ago where I both became insanely more sensitive to corn traces AND possibly developed other food allergies. (I have since added back a few things I was certain I was allergic to because they again turned out to be corntaminated.) But I am still in the process of figuring out what I can eat and not. Additionally, what different people tolerate is so *very* individual. There is so much that I tolerate that no one else will, even people who in many other ways are less sensitive to traces of corn than me, and there are also plenty of things I don’t tolerate that others do, even super-sensitive folks.

But a number of people have asked, and it’s also an interesting reference. Maybe it will be helpful for people or at least be interesting. If you read this list and think that there isn’t much on it, please note that if it’s not on this list, I’m not eating it. Seriously. No, there is no cooking oil on it. And no grains. There are very few legumes on it. And also note that of the items on the list, I am also not able to get a steady supply at all times, so often am only eating about a third of this list at any given point in time. Also consider that there are actually people getting by with *less*.  They’re probably just too overwhelmed to blog about it. Continue reading