Ask Corn Allergy Girl

Have a question related to corn allergy?  Ask here.

I don’t promise to answer every question or even most of them. In fact, if you ask a question that was clearly covered in one of my posts, I won’t answer it.

But if it’s a question I have been meaning to research or know the answer to and haven’t written about yet, I would love to use your question as the subject for a new post. Please include in your question how you would like to be referenced. By default I will use the name you provide and the web site if you give it, but not your email address. Specify if you’d like something different.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Corn Allergy Girl

    1. It’s a form that sends me an email. Usually I answer by email. Sometimes I make a whole blog post out of the answer but usually not. And I mean, full disclosure, sometimes I don’t answer. If it’s a question that’s been covered by a post I’ll usually at least link the relevant posts but not always. I’m chronically ill in addition to the corn allergy so I only do what I have the energy for.

  1. I was just wondering about skin care and cosmetics? I was taking a chance seeing if anyone else has this issue. I read a post on this subject but seemed to be dated 6 years ago. I was just wondering if perhaps you’re current with skin care and cosmetics that might be corn free? I have a friend also chronically ill and dangerously allergic to corn who would like to wear makeup to an upcoming wedding. Thanks. Sorry you deal with this; but grateful my friend isn’t alone.

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