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Mountain Rose Herbs Teas- Temporary Switch to Corny Packaging


Important announcement and for those who buy TEAS from Mountain Rose Herbs.

The packaging change announcment is for people who buy black, green, red (rooibos), white tea, and herbal “tea blends” in the 4 oz boxes with cellulose bags inside from Mountain Rose Herbs.This does NOT apply to herbs which come in the thick plastic resealable zip bags.

The email campaign is for anyone who buys from MRH, because this change serves as a reminder that they could change their packaging for any items at any time and make our safe items unsafe for us.

I recently reordered a bunch of my usual teas and received ALL of them in brown kraft bags lined with corn PLA. I checked with MRH and they said this is temporary because they are redesigning their tea boxes, but they did not have a date for when the new boxes would be available, and they also did not guarantee that the new boxes would still be lined with the safe cellulose bags.

Again, the thick plastic bags on the herbs are still safe as far as I know. This is a change only for the teas. Some herbs can be used as teas, so if you are confused about whether what you are ordering is considered an herb or a tea, I would just reach out to MRH’s very kind support staff and ask them about packaging before you order.

Update: MRH has confirmed that the redesigned boxes will be using the same cellulose bags as previously, but still aren’t sure precisely when the redesign will be complete.  They have also let me know that while custom packaging for  retail orders up to 1 lb is still not available, there *is* a bulk buy option for 5lbs or more that we can use. These bulk orders will be packaged in the same thick plastic bags as the herbs.

Keep in mind 5 lbs is 20 4oz boxes, so that’s a lot of tea.  I’ll be doing this and trying to split it with another corn allergy person probably, but that isn’t convenient or possible for everyone, so this will only work for folks that have the ability to afford and use that kind of volume.

Due to this update, it’s a little less urgent that we coax MRH to change anything about their plans- the cellulose bags will be back, and we do have a bulk option to tide us over. HOWEVER I think it is a good idea for them to know how many corn allergy customers they have so that they can consider this info when they make decisions about their packaging for all of their products.

If you buy items from MRH, please email them at support@mountainroseherbs.com and let them know that you are a customer with a corn allergy that can’t use PLA lined bags or other biodegradable products made from corn and ask them to keep that in mind in making future decisions about packaging.  I have included an email template you can copy and paste below to make it easier.

If you are not a customer of MRH but would like to be or plan to be, you can email them too but please edit the message to reflect that.

to: support@mountainroseherbs.com
Dear Mountain Rose Herbs,

I am writing to  let you know that I am one of your customers with a corn allergy and to ask that you try to make sure I can remain a customer.  The temporary change in tea packaging while you redesign your boxes has underlined the fact that the items I order from you can become unsafe at any time if you choose to change your practices or packaging.

I cannot consume anything that has been stored in a bag lined with PLA from corn. I am also unable to consume items that have been handled with powdered gloves, or that share storage bins or surfaces with items made from corn.

Could you please take this information into consideration when you make any future decisions about packaging or facility changes for your herbs and teas?

[Your Name]